1. seandroog

    Board Games - You should be playing them. Also, April 30th is international tabletop day.

    April 30th is international tabletop day, so here goes my annual board game evangelizing. Board games are great, and if you aren't playing with your friends or family you really should be. More and more we're disconnected by video games, TV and online forums. I've found board games to be a great...
  2. ReignofFire

    Half of Season Club Ticket Package For Sale

    We have 2 tickets for half of our season ticket games (5 total) Two tickets located in the Sideline Club Section 143, Row 35. $4,000 for the two ticket package. If interested, email me at
  3. V Chip

    Unofficial Pick'em / GridIron Challenge / Eliminator groups

    Mods please don't move to Fantasy Board as this is Pick'em and other games, not Fantasy Football. Thanks. ============== Not many have joined and today is last chance to get picks in for week one if anyone is interested! I have created leagues on ESPN's site (yeah, I know... ESPN...
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