1. Fletch

    WhoDat Physicality

    There are certainly alotta key players who can standout in this game. Players & Coaches who have the potential to be critical to the success of their team. Yet this particular play, by Ingram, stands out to me as the type of play... and attitude.. that will define the game. I'm sure alotta...
  2. Winter

    Kickoff the 2018 Season with Dome Schedules

    Put together some Superdome inspired schedule wallpapers. It's been 4 years since the last ones, but better late than never! There's 4 options in the 3 major time zones. I'm so jacked for this season... Let's go get it! Who Dat! These are built to 2560x1440 (Thunderbolt) 2018 Superdome...
  3. Winter

    2018 Superdome Schedule Wallpapers

    Took me 4 years to do another iteration of the Dome schedule wallpapers. Gotta say I'm liking this format better. I made 4 versions each with Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones. Just in time for the season to start... WHO DAT! Central time first:
  4. Invictus

    2013 NFL Season: Mark Ingram or Chris Ivory?

    Since I've been here on SR the amount of threads where Saints' fans discuss (almost endlessly) who is better between Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory is absolutely ridiculous. The thing that strikes me the most, however, is how much "hatred" (even if someone tries to downplay it) can be perceived in...
  5. Cjjr72984

    With the Ingram pick, PIERRE is the one I'm worried about, not Reggie!

    Just imagine Ingram being a stronger, more durable version of Pierre. He's tough to bring down, he's productive, he's very good as a check-down receiver, he played in a pro-style system (ready for the NFL on Day 1), he's a good blocker that will pick up blitzes well, he's a hard-worker and is a...
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