1. D3lv3cc10

    Mitchell and Ness jerseys?

    Does any one own a Mitchell and Ness jersey? I'm interested in getting one but I would like to know more about the quality of the screen print.
  2. saints_dk

    Authentic White Saints Jersey(size48) - SOLD OUT

    Per and ESPN shop) are all white authentic Drew Brees (and custom) size 48 sold out and will not be back until next season, but then Nike will have the rights... Anyone got a suggestion on how to find one online?
  3. Jerseys shipped from China? From

    I see many people bought jersey's from this site before - The domain is registered in China yet has a US contact address. Can anyone confirm whether these jersey's actually ship from China or the U.S. Whats on the label? A friend of mine bought 10 jerseys from...
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