1. Nolan

    Kamara extended! (5yrs/$77M) [merged]

    Love it! Well deserved.
  2. El Caliente

    Alvin Kamara deal almost wrapped up

  3. Winter

    Kickoff the 2018 Season with Dome Schedules

    Put together some Superdome inspired schedule wallpapers. It's been 4 years since the last ones, but better late than never! There's 4 options in the 3 major time zones. I'm so jacked for this season... Let's go get it! Who Dat! These are built to 2560x1440 (Thunderbolt) 2018 Superdome...
  4. Winter

    2018 Superdome Schedule Wallpapers

    Took me 4 years to do another iteration of the Dome schedule wallpapers. Gotta say I'm liking this format better. I made 4 versions each with Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones. Just in time for the season to start... WHO DAT! Central time first:
  5. KingNene

    Lattimore vs. Kamara: Who Has Been the Better Rookie

    In this past draft the Saints struck gold. Almost every draft pick has contributed to the Saints in one way. However, the two rookies that have gotten the most publicity, rightfully so, are first round cornerback Marshon Lattimore and third round running back Alvin Kamara. Lattimore, taken...
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