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  1. Andrus

    Mickey Loomis on Teddy Bridgewater: 'We need to get to know him'

    By Joel A. Erickson | The Advocate New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis made a bold move on Wednesday, trading his third-round pick in 2019 to the New York Jets to get Teddy Bridgewater. Loomis, who typically does not do press conferences during the season, offered a few thoughts...
  2. bienv

    The Hayride vs Loomis

    Five Post-Draft Reasons Saints Fans Ought To Be Sick And Tired Of Mickey Loomis Note: I haven't read this, so don't hate me for sharing it. Tear it up if you can.
  3. Monaco

    Sproiles KICKING Arse in Philly. NYT calls him "ELECTRIFYING"

    Loomis/Peyton are probably kicking themselves in the *** right now... I sure hope we get out money's worth out of Graham...

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