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  1. ktmoze

    How New Orleans Got and NFL Team by Mike Detillier - Part 3

    Mike Detillier shares old conversations with Buddy D and interviews with Dave Dixon on how the Saints got an NFL Team. In part 3, a huge figure from Packers land helped the cause for New Orleans. Great read from Mike...
  2. Andrus

    Mike Detillier: The Kamara money talk

    By Mike Detillier One of the most talked about offseason topics for the New Orleans Saints this year has been about the future of halfback Alvin Kamara. Kamara is in the final year of his original contract when the New Orleans Saints selected him in the second-round in 2017. Kamara has been a...
  3. KingNene

    Using Mike Detillier's Draft Guide to Get a Sense of the Draft (2020 Edition)

    This is something I did last year so if you remember this opening couple paragraphs, you can just look at the rankings. Every year, Mike Detillier does a fantastic draft guide, going over hundreds of prospects before the draft. Like last year, I spent a few hours on a spreadsheet going over...
  4. ktmoze

    Mike Detillier: CB Amik Robertson is a Playmaker

    NFL Draft: Mike Detillier's player profile on LA Tech's CB Amik Robertson #Saints #SaintsNews #NFL https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/editorial-opinion/amik-robertson-nfl-draft-prospect
  5. ktmoze

    Tom Dempsey: Rare Stories on a Saints Legend from Mike Detillier

    Thank you Mike Detillier for sharing your stories with us on Tom Dempsey. Especially the funny tidbit on Pete Finney and Buddy D!!! https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/editorial-opinion/dempsey-stories-saints-legend-detillier
  6. ktmoze

    Wide Receiver Depth in 2020 NFL Draft - Mike Detillier

  7. Andrus

    Mike Detillier: Cook, Murray part of Saints getting better

    By Mike Detillier | Houma Today It didn’t take long for veteran tight end Jared Cook and veteran running back Latavius Murray to catch the eyes of the Saints coaching staff and head coach Sean Payton during the opening days of offseason training sessions. Last season Cook caught 68 passes for...
  8. Andrus

    Mike Detillier: The offseason has started for the Saints

    By Mike Detillier / Sports Correspondent With the 2018 season over, it is time to start looking into what the New Orleans Saints need to upgrade their football team in 2019. Who knows what happens with free agents like halfback Mark Ingram, back-up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, defensive...
  9. Andrus

    Mike Detillier’s column: Rebuilding of the New Orleans Saints

    By Mike Detillier / Correspondent - houmatoday.com There is no question that the golden days of New Orleans Saints football has to be measured from 2009-2013. The 2012 season, in which head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the season, ended up being a 7-9 campaign, but when you add up the...
  10. Andrus

    Mike Detillier’s column: Very early look at Saints draft class

    By Mike Detillier | Sports Correspondent It’s really early, but here is my take on the New Orleans Saints 2018 draft choices and how they have looked in the first couple days at training camp. Marcus Davenport, DE, first-round pick Davenport is super athletic, quick off the snap and has...
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