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  1. ktmoze

    Question Does Brady's 2021 Postseason put an end to the Brees vs. Rodgers vs. Brady Debate?

    Does Brady's 2021 Postseason put an end to the Brees vs. Rodgers vs. Brady Debate? We all love Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers is an excellent quarterback, but in terms of greatness, did this postseason performance by Tom Brady end the debate...
  2. ktmoze

    Saints Crush Panthers, Become First Divisional Team to Sweep NFC South

    Saints "Clean Sweep" the NFC South and Earn #2 Seed in NFC Playoffs. The Saints beat up on the Panthers to finish the season out 12-4, becoming the first divisional team to sweep the NFC South since its 2002 inception...
  3. Domeination

    Saints Saints-Panthers to be played in the Dome
  4. ktmoze

    Week 2: NFC South Postgame Storylines
  5. ktmoze

    2020 NFC South First-Team Offensive Players - Preseason
  6. ktmoze

    Vegas believes the Saints will rule the NFC South
  7. Andrus

    NFC South...destined for a tie?

    Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Could two teams finish atop the division with identical records? By Chris Dunnels | Canal Street Chronicles Despite last-minute roster shifts or contract extensions, NFL teams are what they are going to be come Week 1 of the 2019 regular...
  8. Andrus

    Saints tighten grip on NFC South with Panthers spiralling

    By Roy Anderson | WhoDatDish Only a few weeks ago, it looked like the NFC South would be a fight between the Saints and Panthers. But with Carolina sinking fast, New Orleans is in control. It’s not a mathematical impossibility for the Carolina Panthers to climb back into the race for the NFC...
  9. Andrus

    NFL bold predictions: Here's why the New Orleans Saints will win the NFC in 2018

    The Saints have the best chance to emerge out of a very crowded NFC field By Sean Wagner-McGough The New Orleans Saints have the gameplan to bring down the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. That's not just a figure of speech or a bold prediction. Saints coach Sean Payton actually has a...
  10. Andrus

    New Orleans Saints: Who is their biggest NFC South worry?

    By Rebecca Mills With 2018 creeping even closer, the New Orleans Saints are early favorites to win the NFC South. Even so, a stacked division is still in the way. Heading into the 2018 regular season, the New Orleans Saints are poised for a huge year. Many are assuming they’ll make a Super...

    Kneecapped: Bucs stop Payton, Brees in Tampa "The Buccaneers jumped to first place in the NFC South by outlasting the Saints defense and by capitalizing on the Saints' multiple early mistakes, winning 26-20 after picking Brees for the third time late in the game." "Pierre Thomas set up the Bucs' first points...
  12. BigFrosty

    Why are we writing off the Falcons and Panthers already?

    I can see why we're more likely to knock off the Bucs, because of the overhaul of their team, but why are we knocking off the Falcons and Panthers already? They both have stout defenses, excellent run games, and can pass when needed to some gifted receivers. I just think we might be getting...
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