1. N/S I hated Carolina b/c of Cam. I may root for them b/c of Teddy.

    Yes...I know we’re suppossed to hate any and all division rivals, but the truth is I only despise the Falcons through and through. The Bucs have always been like that annoying little brother you punch in the shoulder, cause he won’t shut up while the game is on. My dislike of Carolina has...
  2. Saints Sean Payton Says We Are NOT Resting Starters Sunday

    I've seen many posts about who will rest etc. I fully expect people that NEED rest (like Armstead) will get it ... however according to USAToday Panthers article... "Even though his team has secured the No. 1 seed in the NFC, coach Sean Payton told reporters unequivocally that he is going to...
  3. Saints 4 life

    First Serious Candidate to Buy the Panthers
  4. bienv

    Tony Dungy: Best team in NFC is ... Carolina?!?! (**MERGED**)

    Just said this on SNF. "Defense, man, defense." C'mon man!
  5. whodatfever

    You're not going to believe what a Carolina Panther fan said...

    Proving, beyond argument, that Carolina football knowledge is in it's infancy. This comment is in response to the NFC South quarterback rankings article and the comment was made on page #2.
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