1. 1987

    Bears fans think that SP wants to coach there under Ryan Pace.

    I was lurking on their board this morning and came across a thread about Payton commenting on Pace. Some of them now think that they have a shot at Payton becoming the head coach at some point.Sean Peyton talking up Ryan PaceDoes anyone think that SP would coach in Chicago if he were to...
  2. ac4400cw

    The Empire Strikes Back (The Redo)

    Decided to have a do over of my original.
  3. ac4400cw

    Just A Point to Ponder

    What if, by chance, Drew Brees decides to sit out this season & Chase Daniels takes over as quarterback & leads the Saints to a playoff berth & the Super Bowl, does that make Drew Brees' stock in the NFL go down a bit? Would it make him expendable to the Saints organization? What about Sean...
  4. Atom Palmer

    Where's the Aggressive play-calling??

    C'mon Sean, The saints didnt win the superbowl being cautious!!In fact, kicking a fg on first down is the exact opposite of what Sean did in the superbowl. I dont get it.
  5. Kicks

    TD button

    At the SB, Sean Payton wore a black button with "TD" on it. What does 'TD' mean? I know it isn't touchdown.
  6. Atom Palmer

    Payton felt sorry for Favre on that play

    I had a feeling that after that big hit, Payton was going to take it easy on the next drive. I just hope his noble sportsmanship and pity for the other team doesnt come back to bite us.
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