1. PatronSaintofTheNFL

    Reasons why the Saints will win Super Bowl LIII: No. 9 won’t really surprise you but you should read this anyway

    The New Orleans Saints are absolutely going to win Super Bowl LIII at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2019. How do we at Neutral Ground News, the most trusted news source in New Orleans, know? What inside information could we possibly have that all the experts do not? Well, we crunched the...
  2. Andrus

    Saints vs. Steelers: Picks, predictions for Week 16 matchup

    Photo by Michael DeMocker, NOLA. Staff The New Orleans Saints (12-2) are set for a Sunday afternoon matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1). The Saints are coming off of a close win against the Carolina Panthers, while the Steelers are coming off of a 17-10 win against the...
  3. Andrus

    Predictions for Ravens vs. Saints

    By Wick Elsenberg | Predictions for Ravens vs. Saints When compiling picks, it usually becomes apparent pretty quickly which team will be favored heading into the game. Then there’s this week, where it came down to the wire. At the end of pooling all the picks (and some...
  4. Andrus

    NFL bold predictions: Here's why the New Orleans Saints will win the NFC in 2018

    The Saints have the best chance to emerge out of a very crowded NFC field By Sean Wagner-McGough The New Orleans Saints have the gameplan to bring down the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. That's not just a figure of speech or a bold prediction. Saints coach Sean Payton actually has a...
  5. bienv

    Who predicted the Saints would start 10-0?

    Before the season began, someone made a post titled "I can see the Saints starting 10-0" (or something like that) and giving a rather detailed justification for that prediction. I can't find the thread now and I'm really itching to give this person props if they are right.
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