1. sacrosaint

    NFL Needs To Revamp Referee System - A Proposal

    I am just a fan. I am a fan of the New Orleans Saints and a fan of the NFL. I am tired of watching NFL games - not just Saints games - that are adversely affected by the current officiating system in place. The game has changed. It is time for NFL officiating to keep up.I am not an expert but...
  2. B-Train

    Match Up Referee Assignment for Bengals

    According to Football Zebras, we get Tony Corrente this weekend against the Bungals. He was the ref for the Saints playoff game against the Panthers last year which is cool. I was surprised to see that he hadn't done a Saints game since 2013 before that.Here's some stats (From...
  3. B-Train

    Match Up Week 7 Referee Assignment

    Good afternoon fellow Saints fans.According to Football Zebras, the referee assigned to the Saints @ Ravens matchup this Sunday is none other than John Parry.Here are his stats as an NFL Official, per Pro-Football-Reference.Of note, this will be his second Saints game this season. His...
  4. Invictus

    A week in the life of an officiating crew

    Zebras are generally despised (and sometimes rightfully so, as the continuous blunders of such referees like Triplette can attest) by the vast majority of fans in almost every sport, however I think that their job is not an easy one and requires great attention to details.Last week the MMQB...
  5. *_deuce_*

    NFL Referees Association head optimistic about labor talks (Article)

    NFL Referees Association head optimistic about labor talksThe labor contract between the NFL and its game officials is scheduled to expire at the end of May, but NFL Referees Association executive director Tim Millis is optimistic the sides will reach a new deal before then. "We'll continue...
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