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  1. Andrus

    Saints film room: Defense back to aggressive schemes, blitzes in blowout of Bengals

    (AP Photo/Gary Landers) By Nick Underhill | The Advocate If you ask people who have worked alongside or played for Dennis Allen about the defining characteristics of his defense, they would respond by saying that he is aggressive, that he likes to blitz. That was true when Allen was the...
  2. Andrus

    Saints film room: The role for Dez Bryant? Here's how, where he can still be an asset

    (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman) By Nick Underhill | The Advocate Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver Drew Brees has ever played with. You want the ball in Thomas' hands. Often. He’s the surest shot at positive yardage, which is why for the first time in Brees’ career, the New Orleans offense...
  3. Andrus

    Saints film room: How New Orleans' front 7 made it happen against Washington

    By Nick Underhill | The Advocate Imagine someone telling you two or three years ago the front seven was going to be the strength of the Noew Orleans Saints' defense soon, and that the front seven would help them win games instead of preventing them from winning games. It would sound nuts...

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