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  1. RevDeuceWindham

    Article Saints Film Room: Does the tape show either Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill is ready?

    This was a really fun one to dive into. Be prepared, it's about 3,000 words and a lot of film clips, and even with all that it's still only going to add fuel to an ever raging fire. I compare things each does better than the other, and maybe, just maybe, give a peak inside the vision for both of...
  2. RevDeuceWindham

    Article Saints Film Room: How Jared Cook will allow Sean Payton to re-expand the playbook

    First off, good to see everyone again! Been a long offseason and for various reasons (sure some of you have heard all of them on the podcast) I haven't been around as much on social media. But, it's a new season with new hype & excitement. My first film study of the year is here and it's a good...
  3. RevDeuceWindham

    Article Inside the trenches: How Sheldon Rankins is adding value to the Saints defensive line [Film Study]

    The DT position can be hard to get a feel for failure/success by just looking at the box score. One thing I focus on when grading lineman is won/loss/stale reps. Too often we get caught up in pancakes/sacks/pressures/etc., but too often these individual stats fail to provide context (such as...

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