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    Saints Film Room: All-22 is out. Want to know about a play/coverage from the Bucs game? Let's discuss!

    Since this game had tons of great plays I'll start with one and then we can build on from there if you like! Dennis Allen has run Cover 4 (Quarters) coverage quite a bit the past couple of years, and it takes good fundamentals to pull it off. A great pass rush doesn't hurt. The idea is simple...
  2. RevDeuceWindham

    Article Saints Film Room: Does the tape show either Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill is ready?

    This was a really fun one to dive into. Be prepared, it's about 3,000 words and a lot of film clips, and even with all that it's still only going to add fuel to an ever raging fire. I compare things each does better than the other, and maybe, just maybe, give a peak inside the vision for both of...
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    Article Saints Film Room: How Jared Cook will allow Sean Payton to re-expand the playbook

    First off, good to see everyone again! Been a long offseason and for various reasons (sure some of you have heard all of them on the podcast) I haven't been around as much on social media. But, it's a new season with new hype & excitement. My first film study of the year is here and it's a good...
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    Article Inside the trenches: How Sheldon Rankins is adding value to the Saints defensive line [Film Study]

    The DT position can be hard to get a feel for failure/success by just looking at the box score. One thing I focus on when grading lineman is won/loss/stale reps. Too often we get caught up in pancakes/sacks/pressures/etc., but too often these individual stats fail to provide context (such as...
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