1. Saints Training camp Preview with Mike Detillier

    New Podcast had an interview with Mike D talking about Saints and the roster for 2018. Haven't heard of these guys before but the episode was good. View:
  2. coldseat

    U.S. Charges Goldman Sachs With Civil Fraud

    This is just hitting the wire, so not much information yet but... link I must confess my ignorance to with the "fall of the economy" discussion, that's why I've never really entered into it. But I'm surprised by this because I had always heard that the government was full of former Goldman...
  3. killah

    Low: LSU 'not that far away' from another title “A lot of people are sleeping on coach Miles. A lot of people are sleeping on us,” LSU running back Stevan Ridley said. “We’ve had the athletes here the last couple of years. We just haven’t been able to put it...
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