1. PatronSaintofTheNFL

    Reasons why the Saints will win Super Bowl LIII: No. 9 won’t really surprise you but you should read this anyway

    The New Orleans Saints are absolutely going to win Super Bowl LIII at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2019. How do we at Neutral Ground News, the most trusted news source in New Orleans, know? What inside information could we possibly have that all the experts do not? Well, we crunched the...
  2. BoroSaint

    It was my fault...the loss is on me.

    I have a pair of gameday boxers I've worn every game for 7-8 years. Somehow, I completely forgot them yesterday. I was appalled to find them in my dresser this morning. They have many battle scars, and when I wear them I'm exposed on the front end and the back end. I believe that because I...
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