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  1. ktmoze

    Saints will have 1st QB Competition in over 15 Years

    Saints training camp will be different in 2021. No Drew Brees at the helm will create a quarterback competition between Taysom Hill and ???? https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/editorial-opinion/saints-first-qb-competition-15-seasons
  2. Saints Fumbles!

    Taysom Hill has gotten a lot of flack for the fumbles, but James Winston has had his fair share during his career. CAREER FUMBLES/CARRIES TH: 10/151 (6.7%) JW: 50/256 (20%) In fairness, I would guess that the majority of JW's fumbles have been from the pocket and not from rushing attempts...
  3. Why Taysom Hill wears number 7 (quotes from his HS coach)

    Taysom Hill ‘absolutely’ has what it takes to answer big Saints question That was something I never knew about Taysom Hill. Hope he does his brother proud today. https://nypost.com/2020/11/21/taysom-hill-could-ace-chance-to-be-saints-drew-brees-successor/
  4. ktmoze

    Saints QB Depth Chart, Post Draft

    Bob Rose takes a closer look at the Saints QB Depth Chart, Post Draft | @bobbyr2613 @SaintsNews #saints #saintsnews https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/news/saints-post-draft-depth-chart-quarterback
  5. ktmoze

    Jameis Winston agrees to $1.1M and enrolls in Saints QB University

  6. Andrus

    NFL exec predicts Taysom Hill will be the New Orleans Saints’ starting quarterback next season

    Brett Duke, Associated Press By Trent Wood | BYU Football Who will be the New Orleans Saints’ starting quarterback in 2020? According to NFL executives and general managers polled by ESPN, the answer may very well be former BYU star and current Saints’ third-string quarterback/Swiss Army...
  7. Andrus

    Sean Payton pleased with Taysom Hill's progress, even if 'he runs like Barney Rubble'

    By John Sigler | Saintswire Don’t look now, but New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill has turned into a real weapon in Sean Payton’s passing game. Hill finished the 2019 season tied with wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith in receiving yards (234) and one more touchdown catch (6, against Smith’s...
  8. Andrus

    Saints' Taysom Hill needs to become fantasy football's first QB/RB/WR/TE

    By Charles Curtis One of my favorite things in fantasy football is when there’s a wrinkle in position eligibility. Remember the great debate of 2016 over how Ty Montgomery should receive running back eligibility when he took over for Eddie Lacy? And how about Jaylen Samuels, the Steelers...
  9. RevDeuceWindham

    Article Saints Film Room: Does the tape show either Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill is ready?

    This was a really fun one to dive into. Be prepared, it's about 3,000 words and a lot of film clips, and even with all that it's still only going to add fuel to an ever raging fire. I compare things each does better than the other, and maybe, just maybe, give a peak inside the vision for both of...
  10. Andrus

    Taysom Hill Talks About His Role at Saints Training Camp | New Orleans Saints

    New Orleans Saints Youtube channel New Orleans Saints
  11. Andrus

    The New Orleans Saints have a unique weapon as they open the NFL playoffs: Taysom Hill.

    (Photo by Chris Keane/AP Images for Panini) By Christopher Kamrani | Salt Lake Tribune This is how Mitch Mathews likes to explain it. Because he knows, but admits that he doesn’t know the whole story. But he kind of does. He’s already seen it himself. When the New Orleans Saints signed...
  12. Andrus

    How Mike Westhoff Turned Taysom Hill into the Saints' Do-Everything Guy

    Tim Rohan - Sports Illustrated- Bleacher Report METAIRIE, La. — In November 2017, the Saints were 7-2 and riding a seven-game winning streak when Sean Payton decided his team needed a shakeup. The Saints had Super Bowl aspirations, and, despite their record, Payton wasn’t satisfied with how his...
  13. Andrus

    Tim Tebow says ‘it’s cool to see’ how Saints use Taysom Hill

    (Photo by David Grunfeld, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune) By Christopher Dabe - NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune Just about everything Tim Tebow has seen Taysom Hill do for the New Orleans Saints was what Sean Payton pitched as a vision for the one-time Heisman Trophy winner before he switched to...
  14. Andrus

    Saints film room: remaining unpredictable is the key for the Taysom Hill experience

    Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports In order to not become too predictable, Payton has slowly been adding new designs and wrinkles to the Taysom Hill package. By Don Kellum | CSC The Taysom Hill package continues to evolve in Sean Payton’s offense. While Hill wasn’t as utilized against the Atlanta...
  15. Andrus

    How the Saints are using Taysom Hill, multiple personnel packages to break defenses

    By Nick Underhill | The Advocate There is a lot time wasted when preparing for the Saints. Teams have to prepare for endless possibilities, knowing that only so many of them can show, and there will likely be new ones it hasn't seen before. But here's the thing: This unpredictable and...
  16. Andrus

    PFF digs deep into Taysom Hill, Saints 'cheat code'

    By John Sigler | Saintswire New Orleans Saints football player Taysom Hill has taken the NFL by storm, strutting out onto the field at nearly every position: quarterback, tight end, slot receiver, halfback, kickoff returner, gunner, and punt protector. He’s done it all, and he’s been largely...
  17. Andrus

    Sean Payton's new toy: A 'Thor-terback' named Taysom Hill

    By Mike Triplett | ESPN Staff Writer METAIRIE, La. -- Drew Brees laughed when he was asked how much fun Sean Payton is having with Taysom Hill this season. "He loves it. Oh, he loves it," Brees said. "A new toy. That's Sean's new toy." Can you blame him? Payton is one of the NFL's all-time...
  18. Andrus

    Sean Payton is making a mountain out of Taysom Hill for the streaking Saints

    By Brian Allee Walsh - Special to the Sun Herald The evolution of multi-versatile Taysom Hill in the New Orleans Saints juggernaut offense is utterly fascinating. I didn’t give Hill a position on purpose, even though he’s listed as the team’s No. 3 quarterback. But the 28-year-old former BYU...
  19. Andrus

    Five bold predictions for Saints vs. Ravens

    By... John Sigler, SAINTS WIRE, USA TODAY Sports The New Orleans Saints will travel to visit the Baltimore Ravens soon, so here’s five bold, way-too-optimistic predictions for what promises to be an entertaining game. 1) Drew Brees doesn’t throw a touchdown, but Taysom Hill does This isn’t a...
  20. Andrus

    Saints still working out some kinks in option package with Taysom Hill

    By Nick Underhill | The Advocate There was one play against Washington that everyone would like to correct. The play occurred on a third down. It was a read-option with Taysom Hill under center, and the quarterback decided to keep the ball and run for the first down instead of handing it off...
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