thomas morstead

  1. Andrus

    Punt? Why bother for Morstead as Saints set scoring records?

    (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King, File) AP | Yahoo Sports Saints punter Thomas Morstead isn't about to complain about what could be a record lack of opportunities to perform this season. He's having fun watching from the sidelines as Drew Brees and Co. threaten to score the most points in a season...
  2. Andrus

    Saints punter Thomas Morstead does pull-ups challenge to raise money

    By Alex Brzenzski Saints punter Thomas Morstead used his strength for some good Monday, doing pull ups to help raise money for cancer patient Chris Cordaro and his kids. Morstead set out to help raise $60,000 for a school fund for the children of Chris Cordaro, a former Saints employee who was...

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