week 4

  1. Andrus

    Cowboys' defense not downplaying Saints in absence of Drew Brees: 'Teddy Bridgewater is a hell of a player as well'

    By Patrik Walker ARLINGTON, Texas — It was a victory for the Dallas Cowboys in their Week 3 outing against the Miami Dolphins, but they're not naive to how the game began simply because of how it ended. After dismantling their first two opponents in 2019 with a combined score of 66-28, they...
  2. Breesus Take The Wheel

    KWTPF Week 4 2018 (Saints Edition)

    Texans (0-3) @ Colts (1-2) - Gotta Love Luck, XLIV, Texans need a new HC Bills (1-2) at Packers (1-1-1) - But Packers Have Rodgers!! Bucanneers (2-1) @ Bears (2-1) - Great Offense (473 yards/game) vs Amazing Defense (289 yards/game) Dolphins (3-0) @ Patriots (1-2) - Bringing the Patriots to...
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