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  1. TCUDan

    Analysis The Little Things: What Makes Chris Olave Special

    Credit: Michale C. Hebert - New Orleans Saints By Dan Levy - Staff Writer - Saintsreport.com New Orleans Saints wide receiver and first-round pick Chris Olave is a pretty striaght-forward evaluation. Fluid strider, burner speed. Silky-smooth route runner and some of the stickiest hands in...
  2. Blitz The C-Gap

    Best Sleepers in the 2022 NFL Draft that the Saints should target.

    🚨BEST SLEEPERS IN THE 2022 NFL DRAFT🚨 -William Dunkle -Deven Thompkins +++ More ( Kept it to five, but need an HM to Jontre Kirklin . He's certainly going to be a stud in the NFL. Hope he's a Saint come next year.) p.s: yes the site is real, I just haven't gotten the domain...
  3. ktmoze

    WR Marquez Callaway, is he the final piece to the Saints Wide Receiver Puzzle?

    WR Marquez Callaway, is he the final piece to Saints Receiver Puzzle? @sainTS #SaintsNews #Saints #saintsnews https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/editorial-opinion/saints-wr-marquez-callaway
  4. JeffODW

    Free Agent WRs Remaining

    Post updated after Saints Signed Emmanuel Sanders, and then again when I saw the list of our current rostered WRs. These are a few Free Agent WRs Remaining, but none are left from the marque FAs this year, and we probably have little cap space to make a splash. Not sure if we would still...
  5. Andrus

    5 WR's Saints Could Target at NFL Trade Deadline

    By Barry Hirstius | Sports Illustrated The NFL Trade Deadline arrives next Tuesday, October 29th at 4 PM Eastern time, and with the New Orleans Saints appearing to lack depth at the wide receiver position, they potentially are in the market to add one prior to that time. The only issue for the...
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