year in review


    2011 MVPs, Surprises, and Disappointments

    MVP: Drew BreesPleasant Surprises: Offense: (OL) Bushrod, DLP, Strief Defense: Harper with 7.5 sacks and may break the DB record against CAR, J. Dunbar, DL Vs. Run, Casillas blitzing Special Teams2011 Disappointments: Offense: (OL) Olin Kreutz, Matt Tennant, Stinchcomb, C. Brown Defense...
  2. The Reflection Thread, 2009 version

    How was your 2009?In the interest of time, I'll be brief - this was a wildly inconsistent year for me. I got to enjoy highs and mull over lows without much coast time in between. I could never just ride a high for an extended time, but I never got to wallow in my lows either.Did some...
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