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Dec 16, 2004
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Or so I’m being continually told by the media following our win yesterday.

I think it’s nonsense. They are the exact same team. Suspect defensively with an offense that can put up points if you let Brady get comfortable. They barely beat a 7-9 team Saturday to advance. That we throttled them was not because they were a bad team back then and have changed, it’s because we were a much better team and still are.

Regardless, get ready for an onslaught of “beating a team three times is tough” commentary when it’s simply not true. In the 30 times it’s happened, the 2-0 team is 20-10.

Doesn’t mean we win, but it does mean the media narratives are lazy.
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Jan 13, 2019
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But this is all true and honestly, the national stuff I've seen - nobody has really been arguing that the Bucs are better (aside from Marcellus Wiley maybe). The ones who think the Bucs win, despite not being the better team overall, all attribute that to Brady and his success in the postseason.

And that's valid - as no QB in league history has had more success than Tom. My question is this...

When did Tom Brady beat a team in the playoffs that was better than his team - aside from the freaky 2001 season where they beat a Raiders team that was probably better than the Pats overall and a Rams team that was definitely better?

Since then, the Patriots were basically the class of the league and even in situations where he may have won games on the road in the postseason - how many of those were to teams that were overall better than those Patriots squads.

I'm seriously curious as to how he fares in the postseason when he's not on the best team.
Ive preached that for years, being in the AFC East and AFC in general for 15-20 years their has been a lack of real competition competing for the conference, once you get into the SB then its anyones game, but theirs been times where the NFC spits out real duds that plays into the Patriots hands because the overall NFC team is not as good, '18 Rams for example. Best team the Patriots ever beat in a SB IMO was Seattle, that was because Pete decided to throw instead of run with Lynch. The Patriots have seemingly had all the luck when it comes to AFC playoffs and SB. They too often had the luxury of facing the NFCs 2nd or 3rd best team.

I think the best team they would beat in the AFC that had better rosters during Bradys tenure was the Chargers but Rivers never has been a post season QB hence why Chargers would lose. Even Peyton Mannings teams lacked real talent and the teams he had was pretty much about him.


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Dec 22, 2003
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At the end of the day, teams change throughout the season. Injuries have given quality experience for our backups. We are now close to 100 % healthy as are they.

This is a game where coaching adjustments will make the difference. Payton and Allen get the job done.

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