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Oct 8, 2004
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call about bart scott intentionally injuring bush and then bragging about it, no place in sports for that, force the nfl to do something about it, we are the 12th man.
The problem is that there is no clear appearance that it was intentional by looking at the replay. This guy could be running his mouth because he doesn't like Reggie or because Reggie has garnered so much attention - or whatever.

The point is that you can't fine someone unless it was obvious in some way that it actually was intentional.
I'm not going to call. Bart Scott can brag all he wants but the injury happened on the tackle when he landed on Bush's legs and Reggie's foot got caught between Scott's body and the turf. Scott is just talking crap and it will come back to bite him.

Crying like this is what is turning the NFL into flag football. I would rather call and complain about the officiating.
I'd rather Loomis call Ozzie Newsome and try to work out a deal that will get him on the roster...
PLEASE STOP THE CRYING! The Saints lost and this guy is an IDIOT!
NO ONE IS CRYING LOL please Calm down, You do not have to call if we choose to we can.
I'm not going to call, but I do think he should be fined. I didn't at first, but then thinking about it, I think he should be. And not for intentionally injuring Reggie- I think that stuff happens in the NFL. But for being ignorant enough to brag about it. That's one of those deals where the league office needs to be like "uh, you moron. The tape was inconclusive and we were likely not to do anything til you went and ran your mouth off. Idiot."

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