2 Tickets for the 49's Game For Sale (1 Viewer)


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Jul 8, 2001
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Deep South Alabama
We cannot make this game either so they are up for sale. Tickets are $100 each (face value) plus shipping and paypal fee (if used).
Sent you a PM, but my PM folder is a little screwy after the server change. If you didn't receive it, email me at cdavidr3967@yahoo.com, please.
I heard about the drunk beer vendor that fell. He was sober this time. The man that he fell on is a Deputy Sheriff.
Yeah, he was funny. I like that section. Good folks all the way around.
The older guy to the right across the steps at around seat 4 or so yelling his lungs out like a crazy person is going to have a heart attack.
They had one attractive woman dance the whole game, that was nice.
All in all a good experiance.
Hey, travelingsaintsfan, check your PMs.

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