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Dec 18, 2011
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I saw a photo of all the guys at the pro bowl festivities yesterday and It dawned on me that until we see more than 1 defensive player to 8 offensive players we will not see more playoff success(my opinion, I could be dead wrong ) I realize it’s all a fan vote and such but this disparity breaks It down for me pretty bluntly .
Marshon made it but isn’t there due to injury and Demario should have made it, defense is doing fine.
That might be a first.
Probably not. The All Pro votes are always legit. The Pro Bowl votes - especially because they added fan voting - have been getting consistently worse and worse. How the hell did Peat make the Pro Bowl while missing 6 games and not playing consistently well in the games he did play? Saints fans stuffing the ballot box. Coaches, the players themselves and fans choosing who makes a pro bowl make it nothing more than a name recognition game, not a game of the best players in the league.

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