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Dec 26, 2006
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Redneck Riviera
And I’m pretty sure the grandparents, who just lost their daughter and grandchild, care if he gets charged. So much for compassion huh?
The grandparents, no matter how distraught, did not lose a grandchild.

It proves that you are seeking justice for each killing. Like I said before, I'm willing to bet that the womans parents who are grieving for not only her, but the loss of their grandchild, would want to see him charged with all of the possible charges they could throw at him. The Gary Ridgway case shows that they were willing to go with a lesser sentence (life in prison) in exchange for justice for each of his victims, and the location of their bodies so that the families could have some semblance of closure. This is robbing the family of that feeling of closure.
Where does the law say the parents are due "closure"?


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Aug 29, 2006
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I did not grossly misstate the Covington situation. I’ve seen the collection of videos myself and it’s very clear.

I actually don’t watch any cable news anymore because I don’t have cable. It’s been 4 years since I’ve watched them on a regular basis, so I will grant you that they may be more partisan than I remember. They did lose me when they really started pushing Trump hard as a candidate in the 2015 primaries.

But you seriously need to go watch more videos on the Covington situation. You have been outright lied to on that situation.
I've watched the videos with my own eyes. Including the supplemental ones that came out of them harassing woman and people before the incident. Including the parts of them mocking the native and screaming about manifest destiny to him.

There was certainly a lot of hasty reporting in the moment, that didn't fully contextualize the nuances and fractions of the event, which gets to a problem with this first-to-market pressure breaking news outlets are forced into and to fill up space, but you frame the kids as some innocent people defending the native when that is not what happened by any honest account.

But I'm not really interested in going down that rabbit hole thats been well traversed, especielly when the discussion is about Fox and your defense of them earlier. Where you called their news reporting, and I quote "excellent." If this is your way of backing off that defense of them, I guess i'll take it.

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