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Jan 10, 2007
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LSU is already adding recruits. I'll come back to add a few more, but Bill Busch is killing it early. Today we have one of the top safeties in the country commit.

What is your opinion on the offense going forward? I figure even if Joe Brady was the architect, Ensminger is smart enough to retain the concepts

How much does losing Burrow hurt? People talk about how college kids have to adjust to the NFL and the term is "the game has to slow down for them" and I think that is what impressed me the most about Burrow...the game just seemed to move so slow for him already


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Jan 22, 2000
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What is your opinion on the offense going forward?
How much does losing Burrow hurt?
My guess is that LSU's level of offensive proficiency this season is directly proportionate to how much Brennan has developed and has learned the new offense.
While he may not have to be a good as Burrow was to be successful, he does have to be better than the last time he started as our QB.


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Apr 28, 1999
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The 2019 LSU Offense was arguably the best college offense in our lifetime, so the production will definitely drop. Most colleges never have a QB like Burrow, so I doubt LSU fans ever see another QB like him in an LSU uniform. Any expectation of that level of performance in an offense or QB is simply misguided and setting yourself up for disappointment. That's the bad news.

The good news is that every year prior to 2019 has seen a team named the best in college football without the offensive output or the performance we saw from Burrow at LSU, so LSU doesn't need a repeat performance to win it all. They just need to beat the teams on their schedule and do don't see any unwinnable games.

Ensminger asked O to hire someone to teach him spread concepts, so Brady has fulfilled his purpose. I think it's naive to feel that suddenly LSUs offense is going to regress schematically.

As for the impact of Joe Burrow: IMO, Losing Burrow will hurt LSU less than Bama losing Tua. I feel pretty good about a Miles Brennan that's been shadowing Burrow for 2 years, working with Ensminger for 3 years and about to become a full time football player after he graduates this semester.
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