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Well you don’t see this everyday. Apparently they had the scene closed due to a fatal van on pedestrian accident and he just drove past. “An officer attempted to attach himself to Scheffler’s vehicle before he stopped.” The charge it assault of a police officer. Wow

He has a 10:08 tee time. If they insist on booking him, they won’t release him until they get a magistrate. I’d imagine being back to the clubhouse before his tee time is unlikely. But I’m sure the DA’s office is trying to resolve it
Update: He's released after being processed (so they charged him - and not minor charges either!)

Second degree assault of a police officer is a Class C felony with up to 10 years sentence. 🤪
So he's already gotten a preferential treatment by being released so quickly and apparently on ROR I'm sure after they realized the amount of notoriety this is going to get and you know his attorney will ask for the charges to be dropped. Does he have no entourage that could act as his driver during tournaments if he has so much on his mind that he can't recognize a police officer attaching himself to his car?
That's bananas. Especially since Scheffler is - by all accounts I've seen - a very humble and down to earth guy. Which doesn't mean he was or wasn't in the wrong here, but he is just the DEAD last guy on tour you'd expect to get into trouble with the police.
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