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May 3, 2003
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I think that the 3 fumbles were the key to the game. Yes the defense was atrocious, but if we didn't have those turnovers, I know we would've won. I'll sulk till tomorrow. Then I'll be getting ready for Cincinnati. I like how our boys fought till the end. I'm eager to see how we'll prepare and come out for the Bengals game. GO SAINTS!
I COMPLETELY agree. I said before the game on the thread about "why wouldn't you pick Pitt" that turnovers would decide the game and I believe they did. Unfortunately, the team that was lousy with turnovers didn't even give it up once while we gave it away 3 times.
Yes, our "D" gave up a lot of points, but without those turnovers, we'd have outscored them (and they wouldn't have scored 38 without the turnovers, either).

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