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Let's start with a solid pick in the first round. I know people want to concentrate on either a skill player on offence, or go the path of cornerback or linebacker for our defence.

But we have to very expensive contracts that needs to be re-done. One for Terron Armstead and another for Ryan Ramczyk. By now the saints have a clear idea of how much they can spend on these two contracts and what are the expectations from the players and their agents.

If the saints figure that they can't keep both, AND I HOPE IT'S NOT THE CASE, then Taven Jenkins would be a solid pick. Taven is a mean dude who specialize in the run block, but that doesn't mean he will not excel at the pass game. I think that Taven perfectly fits with what we want from an offensive lineman. He also give us the flexibility to play guard if needed.

Right after, you have a luxury pick. Canada gave us Rueben Mayes, now Canada can give us Chuba Hubbard. Chuba didn't have his best year in 2020. He should have left Oklahoma State a year early and would have gone higher in the draft. I respect players that decide to come back and play in college, no matter the result. It talks about commitment.

Now, why get Chuba if we already have Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray? Chuba is at the middle of the spectrum of what our current runners are. I tend to see draft prospects and try to find their place in Sean Payton's system. Chuba is a faster version of Pierre Thomas. He is not the fastest or biggest, but he can run over you, he has a quick lateral move and he is KILLER on the screen game. He is a perfect fit in our system as a complementary runner/pass catcher and also an ideal backup for both Kamara and Murray.

The last player is not a household name. I confess I watched Oklahoma State games to follow Chuba, but when the defence was playing, my eyes always turn to Amen Ogbongbemiga. He is a relatively small linebacker at 6-1, 231lbs. The times I saw him play I saw a raw player, always around the ball. He has great explosion and I think with some coaching he can be a great surprise to the team that picks him. I don't have a clue in what round he may go.

I think all 3 players will have solid careers if they are drafted on a system that fits them.
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I am forced to watch Cowboys games with my Okie Dad... Chuba Hubbard is the real deal.

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