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Dec 28, 2012
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Like everyone else, I was very disappointed with the overall performance against the Steelers, but maybe it was not quite as bad as it seemed.

Pitt used a dink and dunk approach gaining 5yds a pop with no pretense of running the ball. If you watch, their blocking scheme always seemed to have one arm across the defender’s chest which in most games is holding. If Bib Ben gets hit a few times who knows.

Our first offensive possession SP continued his experiment of seeing how we executed instead of playing to score. So, we punt. To me, put together a first drive with the sole intent to score then see what happens. That is what Pitt did. Confidence is the key.

The 58 yd TD to Brown was the first referee enhanced play, if you don’t consider an arm across a defender’s chest holding.

If you watch it frame by frame our coverage is perfect, hip to hip stride for stride with the typical hand fighting. Then when Harris turns to find the ball separation miraculously appears at the same time that Harris appears to be knocked off his stride. Again frame by frame, Brown’s hand is in the middle of Harris’ back and it is pretty apparent that he is pushing Harris away.

A flag is thrown but the final pronouncement is PI somewhere away from the play, I believe they said on #19. The proper call would have forced a punt.

Our next OP, Fleener has his head ripped off by his facemask and drops the pass, we punt.

These three events could have changed the entire complexion of the game. If there is a PF on the Fleener pass and we can score it might have been 7 to 7 and maybe the team would have had a different attitude.

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