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Jan 19, 2007
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Jersey.... New Jersey
I've been bored and meaning to post this for days but i've been busy ha. In this version i shall humor the idea of us trading back in the first to pick up a 2nd round pick... cause why not? I don't actually think it'll happen! But, here's how i would hope it would turn out if we did!

1st Pick: - Trade back into the 25 range (give or take 2) and also swap 3rd in exchange for a 2nd round pick this year. This puts out of of the running for the likes of Ansah, Jordan, Richardson, etc imo. So i think we'd steer the ship a different direction. One that the Saints have time and time again have gone to early in the draft: CB, Desmond Trufant. It's a known fact. We may need some more help here and the later rounds don't often yield good CB depth. He's the younger brother to Marcus who plays in the NFL who isn't half bad himself. People are raving about Desmond saying he was one of the Standouts at the Senior Bowl. He's got good speed and plays tight coverage. I like!
(( Backup Pick: I wont list backups for every pick but another CB here i wouldnt mind having is Xavier Rhodes. Guy could be the next Shermanator of the Seahawks with his physical play and similar build. He's 6'1 and 210+ lbs, has decent speed, and is sorta a ball hawk. No complaints here. I'm not obsessed with the CB position with the first pick, but i think these 2 players @ 25 would just be great value period ))

2nd Round:OT Kyle Long. We don't know what Bushrod's future holds...and Streif's questionable-at-times play makes me wonder how we're going to go about addressing this position this off season. Kyle is also a younger sibling of an NFL player, a good one as well, and CBSsports says, "He is still very raw, but according to his father and brother, Kyle was blessed with the most natural talent of the three and the NFL will love his upside". I'll have to do a little more homework on him, but i like what little i've looked on him already

3rd Round: FS Baccari Rambo. Who knows what is to become of Malcolm Jenkins. I think he will be around a little while longer, but there's been a lot of talk on here about possibly moving him back to CB? Humoring that idea, i'd say this kid would be a great addition to the roster then. From what i've read he's a proven ballhawk who likes to lay the wood on people. Enough said!! NFL Comparison: Dashon Goldson, FS of the 49'ers. I approve!

4th Round: OG Alvin Bailey. I don't think Grubbs and Evans played that poorly this past season but the trenches, like DBs, are a spot where you cannot have too much depth. This guy was the centerpiece in Arkansas's offense last season. He's a behemoth of a man coming in at 6'5 315 and could hopefully end up playing like one of our former beasts at OG, Carl Nicks. One could only hope...

5th Round: DT/NT Kwame Geathers. See my mock draft startagy? Pick all the players who have siblings in the NFL! syke! This guy is hugeeeeeee. 6'5 and ~350 lbs!? Sounds like Wilfork reincarnated if he has the hunger for it. Drafting a big NT in this draft makes sense to me. We could have himself and Bunkley play NT and allow Cam to get outside at DE. This would make me sooooo happy

6th Round: WR Aaron Malette. Here's my risk/reward pick for us. He could end up in the 7th possibly but i like this kid's potential. I'm a realist. Colston will not be around forever. He gets the injury bug from time to time and he's been in the game a little while now. It may be time to start grooming his replacement and let him sit and learn for a couple of years. Aaron is 6'3 and 215lb and can run a 4.5 40 dash. His hands may be a litttttttle questionable but like i said... i like his potential and i really think we need to gear up for Colston's departure although i pray that it is not sooner rather than later.

7th Round: DT Gilbert Pena. Dont know a whole lot about this guy except for the few things i've read about him. He's a decent size for NT or DE in the 3-4 and has a high motor player that will pursue ball carriers until the play is over. Making sure the depth chart on our front 3 in this new defensive scheme i think will be KEY this season. I've love to see what they can do to disrupt opposing offenses.

Draft misses: I guess you may notice i did not mean to draft any OLBs. While i think there's a slim chance this happens in real life, i did not here. My aim would rather be to bring in a Veteran rush-OLB to help teach Junior and Martez how to be successful at the position and make them better players so we could possibly end up having 3 very potent rush LBs at that position. Would have to take a look at the free agent list to see if thats possible
I really don't like this draft. No difference makers on D. Trufant is shtdown in man but is horrid against the run and is not a playmaker. Isa is better than Rambo. Kyle Long is good but would be a MAJOR reach in the 2nd.
Wasn't Long projected at guard or at best right tackle?
I think we HAVE to take at least 1 OLB in the draft. We've really not seen linebacker as important position over the last several years but that all changes now with the switch to 3-4.
I actually don't think it's that bad, except yeah Kyle Long is probably taken too early. I do think CB is one of our weaker spots on our team so attempting to address it wouldn't be that bad although I'd probably prefer a guy like Rhodes, or Poyer who are more physical and make an impact in the run game.

My one complaint is that we don't address OLB but then I read your disclaimer and I guess in your scenario we're probably signing someone like Shaun Phillips, or Anthony Spencer in Free Agency?

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