49ers/Titans don’t want Brady (1 Viewer)

Saint Spud

Mar 6, 2002
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Seemingly down to Bucs/Pats (although who knows what’s real right now)

Not a huge surprise. I would expect a similar situation for Brees. Both Brady and Drew are still the smartest guys on the field but their physical game is what you would expect for a 40+ year old football player. We are in the era where old football players hang around forever. I wish we could move on and plug in a Mahomes type but at the same time 100% support a team led by Drew.
I've heard since Brady Recently launched his production company the Chargers are back in the mix. Makes sense on paper he will be in LA to oversee his production company, Giselle will like the LA life. Chargers owner is desperate for anything that will garner ticket sales and attention in L.A.

Thing is im not sure what Spanos' reputation is amongst players in the football community is.
If Brady does leave NE, I think his best chance would be Chicago.
He should go to the Raiders... they are about that "just win baby" mentality, and if you aren't cheating you aren't trying philosophy.
System QB. Can’t win without a cheating franchise/coach or the help of the refs bc they love that cheating franchise/coach/owner. Yeah, I said it. He’s good, but he would not be where he is today without all of the help he has received.
The only reason to sign Brady would be for jersey sales and the billboard promoting season tickets.
Seemingly down to Bucs/Pats (although who knows what’s real right now)

Hes probably going back to NE now, but if he does go to TB, I wouldn't be opposed at the world seeing just how much better Drew Brees is at this time then Tom Brady.

He can come get those Auto L's if he wants them

In all seriousness, Tom could do a lot.of damage with that offense I'm Tampa Bay.

A lot of people seem to blame him for.the offensive struggles last year, and those people are sorely mistaken IMO.

He had one of/if not the worst offensive lines in football and one of the worst/if not the worst recieving corps as well.

Tom Brady is still better then 75 percent of starting QB's in this league. Tampa will be trouble if he goes there

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