6-4 tied for div. lead. heck yea... (1 Viewer)

Aug 6, 2006
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we are one of just a few teams left that has there playoff hopes still in their own hands..so we lost a few. EVERY TEAM LOOSES SOMETIMES. Better we slip now than in the 2nd week of playoffs(we wont be playing in the first week)....THIS IS NOT THE "SAME OLD SAINTS" We are a good team,superbowl good no,but playoff good hell yes. Payton will get this team together, so if you want to get off the wagon get off if not and you still believe in this team hang on because the next 6 to 10 weeks we are in for one hell of a ride.....I HAVE MY EYES SET ON DECEMBER 31...NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME AT HOME IN OUR DOME.(not san antonio, and certainly not Los Angeles) Get behind your team and STAY BEHIND OUR TEAM......................................WHO DAT.
It's great to have a positive attitude. I say we will have to fight and need help to get in the race this year.
That stuff is bad for your liver...

but, I feel ya! :D
IF>>IF>>IF but they arent and they are still in good shape and if you win your division at 12-4 or 10-6 whats the difference.
IF>>IF>>IF but they arent and they are still in good shape and if you win your division at 12-4 or 10-6 whats the difference.

Winning the division at 12-4 will likely get you a first round BYE...

10-6 likely will not. :scared:
i have never been off this team and the only way in this entire world i will be off this team is the day i die. even then ill still be watching them from heaven.
what i do have to say is we should have not lost the last two games. i truly thought this coaching staff would have this team ready, or better yet this team would be ready especially at home.
once again turnovers killed us and they always will. one thing is they were afc losses, but i will tell you this.
the falcons suck, but if we play like this againts them, you might as welll forget it
i have faith we will beat the dirty turds

i still will say this and no one can tell me any difference after this afternoon. the steelers were lucky last week. wow im still emotional over them losing to them.
What did we all say earlier this season?

Thank goodness we had the great start because the second half of the season would be extremely tough for this YOUNG squad.

To be 6-4...honestly, who would have thought that in the beginning of the year?

Atl-We can bounce back!
SF-Looks better than expected, but home turf means alot!!
Dal-Might be a tough one.
Washington-They are going downhill
NY Giants-Injuries are adding up
Carolina--We can show them how Nawlins brings in the new year.

Not giving any predictions so I don't jinx us but just look at the schedule and I think we all will be pleased with how it ends compared to how we thought it would be prior to the season!!

Go Saints in section 639!!!

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