80 Grams of what now? | David Onyemata Arrest Details | Grading Saints TE Group from 2018 [Podcast] (1 Viewer)

Come for the laughs, stay for the Saints news.

By Deuce Windham and ElliasJWilliams

Deuce and Ellias shed a little light, and have a few laughs, on the Onyemata situation in this episode of Who Dat Confessional. With the offseason getting into full swing (and the Alliance of American Football right around the corner!) we keep you up to date with all that’s happening around the league and the team.
Podcast Topics

David Onyemata’s run in with Customs, and Jefferson Parish officers, result in the confiscation of 80 grams of Marijuana products.
How much is 80 grams? What can you do with it?
What type of Marijuana was it? We speculate
Grading the Tight End’s 2018 performance as a group.
Looking ahead to what the Saints need to do to improve the play of the tight ends in the offseason.
Answering questions from the fans!

We discuss all that and more on the Thursday Night episode of Who Dat Confessional ...

Link to article and Podcast - CSC
Andrus Whitewing

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