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Aug 12, 2001
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Houston via BR via NO
Do you think 9-7 will win the NFC South? Or will it take 10-6 or better. I say we need 10 wins heading into the last game against Carolina to guarantee a NFC South Division Championship. That means 3 victories out of SF, Dal, NYG, and Wash. I see 3 there. No reason this team won't take care of SF, NYG, and Wash. Dal looks to be a better team right now, but that can change real quick. If this happens, we'll have the South clinched before playing Carolina.
That Carolina Game will be HUGEEEEEEEE

Agreed....Personally at this point in time if we keep winning we control our own destiny. We have to keep doing things like we did today. Run the ball, good passes from brees and don't turn the ball over. If we keep winning the only thing the Carolina game will determine is where they are seeded in the playoffs, if they make the playoffs. It is still anybody's game. The Saints definitely can't let their guard down.
I think nine wins, if one of them is against Carolina on New Years Eve will do the trick.

Problem is for us to end up with only 9 wins means we lose three of the next four and lose to Carolina to finish 9-7. Carolina would have to come into the New Years Eve game at 7-8 and still be ahead of Atlanta for this to matter. Reason being if we go in with only a one game lead in the division and they win, they win the division even if we are both 9-7 because they will have beaten us twice.

The bottom line is yes 9-7 could win the division, it's surely possible. However, I think the NFC South champs will be 10-6 and it will be us! :)
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When all is said and done, it might be enough to win, but don't we really need to make a statement and start building some momentum going into the playoffs? 9-7 won't do that. I think that means that we have to try like hell to win out but at the most lose only 1 more game. I'd really love to play Carolina at home not absolutely needing a win (I think Carolina loses to Philly next week or maybe even to Atlanta) but just putting a cherry on top of the season. We have to absolutely not lose any more home games (which should be MORE than doable) and win 1 road game.

We have to start peaking and I'm hoping the Cowboys have already peaked.
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9 wins wont do it because that woul put a team behind the Saints when they get thier 10th.
There are quite a few tough games ahead but the way our team is playing, having gone through the drought of losing 3 ot of four games there, the SAINTS are a very tough opponent for those teams remaining on the schedule and don't think those other teams aren't taking notice of the DEUCE / REGGIE combo, the play of Drew Brees and our WR corps AND our Defensive play along with the protection being afforded Drew by our "O"-Line! These are ALL things the entire League needs to consider as they see the SAINTS coming up on the schedule!

!!!!!!!!!!!! GEASUX SAINTS GEAUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think we need to go 10-6 with one of those against the panthers.
we could pick up a home playoff game with one of those victories being against the cowboys...

we are at a point now, where we can really affect how things shake out if we can win some key games. we dont have to win all of them, just the ones against key opponents which are vying for a playoff slot.

if we lose to the 9ers and washington but beat the giants, cowboys, and panthers, we should get a playoff game at home. add a victory against the 9ers or washington, and we should get a bye...

this is gonna be some fun!!!
if you want to have fun trying to sort it out..


Basically you choose who wins and loses which games... it's extremely complex to work (as I was having problems with it).. and it'll give you what could/might happen.

(I was screwing around with it just enough to have the Rams go 10-6 to see what'd happen). it's a little buggy at times, you just kinda have to keep pressing buttons every so often.
9-7 and a division title would be great but we're playing for a bye. Beat San Fran and Dallas and we have the inside track but unfortunately the Seahawks are getting healthy and we don't play them but we do have the conference tie breaker and they still have hard games @Denver and vs San Diego. A Green Bay win tonight would top off a fantastic weekend.
Yeah I would like to see the Saints win the division but this team could be good enough to get a bye in the first week. 10-6 could get the bye done. 9-7 will probably win the Divison in a tie break either way NO or CAR.
I think Carolina will "tank" two of the next four. We win ten and we're in! I want the Saints to win the South before New Years Eve!
It might, but I'd rather see us just win out. With Chicago looking bad in big games, I think we'd have a chance for home field throughout. At least going in as #2 seed, I can see Chicago dropping the first game and the road to the bowl going through N.O. That would be huge for the team from a home field advantage as well as bring in a few extra tourists to town to help the economy.
The way it looks now, if we can get through these games and win out, we can get a bye. Not only do I want to beat Carolina, but I want to beat Dallas as they are tied with us behind Chicago, plus I think Romo is cocky and I want us to be the ones who beat him.
Seriously the way Carolina has been playing I think the only way it gets to 9-7 is if we let it. Look I know that Carolina is a good team but they are just not playing that well. When I saw the Car TB game on MNF they looked horrible and pulled it out in the second half. To think they will not loose against the Giants Steelers @ Falcons or @ Saints is a stretch in my mind.

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