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I am going to jusat jump 3 pages and say this... Sean Payton taking a pay cut to get Gregg Williams.. That says alot about the charecter of the people that he's working with. Sometimes there are more important things than money... I think [and I hope] that he will remain in New Orleans with SP... until it just becomes that time...

We all know in our lives when it is just time.. and I don;t think it is now...

His defense is not that good. It's decent but before this weekend we'd been pretty well shredded three games in a row.

What exactly makes people think Gregg Williams is someone people want to hire as their HC? He's a good coordinator but he's not out of this world and he's already proven to be a terrible HC.

I don't forsee anyone beating our door down to steal him away.

His (our) defense is respectable, but not elite. No one could argue that he does get the most out of his players, which is something of itself. He is probably a "stud" d. tackle and playmaking olb away from having the best defense in the league.

IMO, he stays
I think his window as a HC in the NFL has closed. Teams want to hire a new fresh face up and comer or an established name. I don't think many teams are interested in hiring coaches that have been on the HC and coordinator revolving door the past decade.

I also think GWs personality has regressed in that he doesn't want to go through the formality and drain that comes with a HC job, he's just fine and happy doing suck it motions on the sidelines as DC.

I can agree with this. There comes a time when hiring a man as a HC becomes a retread of sorts.

Im thinking GW is gonna end up being a lifer at the defensive coordinator job. A lot of guys enjoy playing second fiddle.
30 percent chance he leaves this year. (Without the labor uncertainty in the NFL, I would have put the odds at 40 percent.) 60 percent chance he leaves in next two years.

My caveat is that I really have no idea why Williams did not do better in Buffalo. But he knows defense, he knows players, he is very intelligent, he communicates very well, he places the correct emphasis on organizational culture, and he likely learned from Buffalo several things not to do if he gets another head coaching job.

I have absolutely no doubt that Williams wants another chance to be a head coach in the NFL. My sense is that Williams is highly competitive and has a substantial ego, and NFL head coach is the top of the coaching pyramid in the NFL. However, my sense is that Williams does not want any head coaching job, but that--another lesson from Buffalo--he is looking for the right team and organization where he believes the chances of his being successful are substantial.

As far as Williams leaving this year, let's look at the job openings:

1. Denver--Great location and tradition. Overall, good owner. But in terms of personnel, team is a mess. Because of his age, Williams and Denver may not be a good fit.

2. Cincinnati--No, because of ownership.

3. Minnesota--Even though the Vikings looked bad Monday night, Frazier should be the favorite.

4. Dallas--In terms of personnel, a very good fit for Williams because this is a team that needs more than anything else a change in culture. But the problem with Dallas is that the general manager is not very good and the owner is the general manager. Adam Schein quipped correctly on Sirius NFL yesterday that Jerry Jones builds a team as though he were playing fantasy football. Jason Garrett probably will get the job.

5. Carolina--Like Denver, not a very good team as far as personnel. But Carolina will have a shot of selecting in the draft the top quarterback. The problem is that it may be three years before the Panthers are good again. This job does not seem like a good fit for Williams.

6. Houston--The Texans may covet a bigger name, but this job is the right fit for Williams: pieces on offense are in place; some talent on defense; more than anything else, a cultural transformation is needed. This is a real possibility.

And other teams that might be looking:

7. Tennessee--In some ways, the ideal job if it becomes available--Williams knows the owner and the city, and the team has talent. The issue is that if there is a job opening, the reason will be Vince Young, and Vince Young might be a deal-breaker.

8. San Francisco--Unless the 49ers come on strong, 2010 will be a major disappointment. They are the most talented team in the weakest division. My opinion is that, with the firings in Denver, Dallas and Minnesota, Singletary is now the worst head coach in the league. Williams is Singletary with brains. And if San Francisco can find a quarterback, the 49ers have the talent to compete. If this job opens up--and it should--San Francisco should be a possibility.

9. Cleveland--Even if the job opens up, this is a bad fit for Williams. Holmgren has total control over talent, and frankly Holmgren in Seattle did a better of coaching players than he did of picking players. The team does not have much talent. And Mangini has not done a bad coaching job this year, so he may get one more year--especially with the labor contract uncertainty.
There are too many other good HC's, DC's and OC's out there looking for jobs.
Suppose for whatever reason--health, family, whatever--Sean Payton stepped down in January. Is there anyone who would be displeased with Williams being our next coach? I suspect most, though very unhappy with Payton leaving, would be pleased by the replacement. If we think Williams would make a good head coach, you think others in the league don't?

Again, I do not know what happened in Buffalo. Perhaps Williams was stubborn. Perhaps inside the organization, he did not do a good job of communicating with others. Perhaps he did a poor job on the personnel selection side. I really don't know. And I readily concede that any team considering Williams for a head coaching job is going to know much more about what happened in Buffalo than I do.

However, it seems that Williams is smart enough to learn from his mistakes. And when I look at what Williams has going for him as a head coach prospect, I see the following: Knows defense, very smart, communicates very well, understands the importance of team culture and the head coach being an agent for changing culture, seems to knows talent.

And finally my guess is that he interviews very well--and we have seen in recent years several guys get head coaching jobs--for some, jobs they should not have gotten-- because they gave super interviews.
ok this may have been answered in another thread or something I dont get on here that much..But this question is about Gregg Williams....I dont know his current contract situation or how that works...but seeing as there will be many head coaching openings in the nfl at the end of this year....you would think that GW would love to be the head hancho again....maybe he would make more money? But regardless...I would think he would be on the radar of some teams to take a head coaching position because of his experience and how well he has made our defense...I dont know what his status is...if he is fine with his role with the saints? (personally I think its a perfect fit) but anyways...what is his status after this year? and if he is under contract can he leave that in order to take a head coaching gig?

Regardless of what happens, isn't it great to have a team that is good enough that we as fans are worried about our coaches getting offers. I remember the years of me personally wanting to drive some of the Saints coaches to the airport...wait...kinda like this year with Greg McMahon, but you get what I'm saying!
Where's the "beating the dead horse" graphic?

Of course he wants another shot at being a head coach in the NFL. Most NFL coordinators want the same thing. However, he's not desperate enough to take just any opening. He has enough leverage (unlike when he took the Buffalo job in 2001) to pick and choose teams with which to interview.

If the Saints were to repeat as champions this season, I could see him leaving for a new challenge with a new team ... as a Head Coach, not a DC.
I personally dont think he will be offered a HC job. While I think he has done an oustanding job strengthening our defense, he isnt getting all that much recognition around the league. Couple that with his failure as HC in the past, and I just dont see too many teams pursuing him.

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