A Pie Chart of Saint pick from 100 different Mock Drafts (1 Viewer)

Right now, I think we are between Jones and Vacarro, with Ogletree on 3rd place.

But if Stars falls to 15.....
Is it correct to assume that the (6) behind Fisher's name means the Saints traded up to that spot in that specific mock to draft him?

Same with Watson (trading down to the 31st spot)?
Please no Vacarro. We already have Roman Harper.

We are paying Harper 7 million this year and 8 million next year. He isn't worth nearly that much. Draft Vaccaro then trade Ivory and Harper to the Jets for a 2nd rounder. That would be awesome.

Not sure but the one thing the Saints have taught me in the draft is they sometimes make me scratch my head.......when we drafted Meachem I was like what? why?

I always just go with the flow when watching the draft. There are plenty of guys I would love to draft, but more often than not the Saints go in another direction (why they don't ask me is beyond me, LOL)

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