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Nov 26, 2000
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This loss hurts but one thing I've noticed the last two weeks is that Brees no longer looks to the flats first for Bush,Stecker or Horn. I was admittedly down on Brees the first few games because the majority of his passes went less than five yards. I was fearful that the opposition was going to catch on and start jumping the routes but Payton has shown that he has the ability to adapt and not stick ridgidley to "his style" as Haslett did. The offense looks completely different from the Cleveland and Green Bay games. It also appears that Brees is not as dependnt on his TE's as I had thought.

This was a good defense that the Saints just shredded. As one of the "glass is half empty" guys, I actually feel better about this team after this game. Except or despite the turnovers this team showed some pluck.
Thank you, I noticed that too!! I'm sure Brees' shoulder played a big part in the way he looked the first 2 games of the season. It is evidently not bothering him too much now - that's reason to be thankful. He has a much better receiving corps here than he had in SD, at least speed wise, and it's showing up!

Honestly, how many people had this game penciled in as a win at the beginning of the season? I'm not happy that we lost, but I'm not out on a ledge either.
I had them penciled in at 4-12 or 6-10 so the rest is gravy!

Maybe it was his shoulder but I'd also like to think that Payton had planned on a midseason shift in play calling. This keeps the opponents' film study and game plan a bit uncertain.

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