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Mar 5, 2015
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I am taking this time to post this specific message, because I feel it is most appropriate.

I want to recognize all of the professionals and others working in harm’s way, to help fight this pandemic. Initially, before it reached this country, I was one of those that had some doubts about its potential impact. I was not open minded, because I did not want to think about what it could do. I was in denial. Now that we are in one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime, I cannot say enough about all of the folks fighting a battle of epic proportions! For the doctors, nurses, others, that have come out of retirement and have volunteered their time, to help fight this battle, what can I say? I cannot imagine. It is simply an act of humanity, that is beyond my comprehension.

God bless all of you. I wish I could hug and high five every single one of you. I suppose having a medical professional that I know and who is in my extended family, is what has driven me to post this message. But beyond that, the stories that are out there about some of those fighting this, is simply mind blowing. Do not know what else to say. I am just so sorry! ??❤
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