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Edited 2/25/2010: Little Ben passed away this morning. Thank you New Orleans Saints for bringing so much joy to this child and his family.

Edited 2/23/2010: Precious Ben is not doing well at all. If you are so inclined, please consider praying for Ben and/or commenting on his blog to let his parents know that you are thinking of them and him.

Edited to Add 1/202010: Since last posting, Ben has relapsed and has undergone radiation and surgery. From Ben's mom's 1/29/10 post:

So now we just need to build up our strength again and let that radiation kill the tumor!!! Have to be strong for the SUPERBOWL!!!! Thats right Ben's Saints are going to the SuperBowl for the first time!!! We think its because Ben did those tackling drills with them at the beginning of the season and picks some really great plays that Coach still runs. We are very excited - we definitely have SAINTS FEVER here!!!
ETA: Ben was also today's "Quiet Hero" on Channel 4:


Want another reason to be proud of our team? Visit the blog of "Lil Ben," the Saints junior captain against the Jets, and read about the memories that the coaches, players and his school, St. Andrews, helped him make over the past weekend. From his mom's blog:

"The team was sooooo great they all came up and greeted Lil'Ben. Tom Benson came and told Ben they were going to win the game for him, which they did! Coach Payton stopped and told Ben they were running one of the plays he picked as the first play of the game. #44 Heath Evans was fabulous he came and took a knee by Ben so they could chat before the game, Drew Brees walked him out onto the field for the coin toss, and someone must have paid off the video guys because I don't think the camera even showed any players on the Jumbotron during the coin toss - just Ben!"
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That is friggin awesome!

Would have been great to hear something about this on CBS but they were too busy coddling Sanchize.
Best of luck to Lil' Ben.
great story, classy acts, wish LilBen the very best
Great story! This organization has a lot of good-character guys from the FO down! It's great to hear this kinda thing happening.
He joked around with Reggie Bush and told Drew Brees that his principle Mrs Hernandez said he needed a haircut! The other players really enjoyed that - they like it when people pick on the famous quarterback!

Aw man.... What a great little guy!!!!!!!

I gotta go get this... somethin.. outta my eye now.
Happy Birthday to Pirate Ben!!!!!

Talk about a miracle, from Ben's mom's blog:

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Well we had a quick trip to MD Anderson! We were expecting to have a stable MRI as Ben has improved so much over the last month, but we were not prepared for what the medical team told us. BEN'S TUMOR SHRANK! Yes that is right it SHRUNK! One year past diagnosis and with two episodes of tumor regrowth no one expects the tumor to shrink. We were hoping for stability and we got shrinkage - we are beyond excited. Now this doesn't mean we are out of the woods by any means but its definitely a step in the right direction!!

From her most recent post, following Ben's birthday party this weekend:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a PARTY...What a Birthday!!!

"SAINTS go 12 and 0!!!!!! They couldn't have given Ben a better present!"


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