A Run In With Falcons Players Today (1 Viewer)


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May 20, 2006
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So today A couple of falcon players came into my job(William Moore,Dunta Robinson) Dunta was actually pretty quiet dude, and cool... Moore on the other hand was a [veiled profanity], so before they left i asked when they was leaving to Seattle, i guess they was surprised i even knew who they were. they said friday.. so Moore was being a smart *** after i told them good luck.. so i followed with a "hope you lose though".. moore's response "Me Too"... he asked if i was a seattle fan? told him no.. Saints Fan....he said "Me Too" then called me a ban wagon fan... told him No Sir.. im from new orleans... Then told me to make sure i was at the game so i could get booed out the stadium... and asked if i wanted to put money on it!!! and I quickly responed with "put your superbowl ring on it..., oh mybad you dont have one..." then walked away before i tried to take his knee out... Again Dunta was cool... but Moore was am [veiled profanity]... man i cant wait till monday night...

but that was my excitement of the day...

Nice job, but please watch it with the profanity. :) -- RMS
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This game is going to be EPIC... I mean, seriously.. What other showdowns are left this season that will rival this one?! I swear to GOD, we had better beat the tar out of them!! :)

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