ABC news: NFL plan for teams to have some fans in stands (1 Viewer)

So I have 3 tickets. Do I get to use all 3? 1? 2? Bogus plan. If they go with this, I will no longer be a season ticket holder.

If they implement this plan, I want a full refund upfront, before the season begins. If I should not be selected for any game, they held my money for 9-10 months. No thanks. How about IF I were selected, they can bill my credit card that is on file immediately, for my 3 tickets to the game(s), I have been selected for.

i might add. How are they going to control the crowd that amasses outside the dome?
"Turrble" idea, to use Charles Barkley's voice for a moment there. They'd be cutting out a vast majority of season ticket holders who've already paid for the seats. They paid for 10 home games including preseason but might only be allowed to attend two? I don't usually talk like this, but that's a half-arse solution. I really hope this doesn't happen this way.

Satisfying the almighty dollar doesn't always jibe with common sense.....but the common sense way to solve this is empty stadiums. It's either no one gets in or everyone gets in.
They don't need fans, just CGI like they did in Gladiator. And that was twenty years ago -- imagine how good the CGI is now.

I've been expecting them to start CGI-ing the stands anyway; too many empty seats (looking at you, Atlanta) isn't the kind of look the NFL wants to present, and they're standard MO is to cover up and deny a problem rather than actually address it, especially if it would hurt revenue (e.g., season tickets) or increase cost (e.g., CTE).

Most of their money comes from TV anyway, and most TV viewers couldn't really tell whether the crowd was GCI or not. They just need some actual shots of small groups of fans in each stadium, which they can just pay for, and they're ready to go. Outside of a couple million of us die-hards who actually enjoy the live-game and game-day experience, most of the folks are just watching on TV anyway.
As others have said, good luck enforcing the orchestrated entrances and exits. And how the heck are you going to manage the halftime-rush to the restrooms? This will be especially challenging in the dome with its narrow concourses and tight restrooms.

Just doesn't seem possible to me.
So who gets to go if you have season tickets already paid?
Probably so. And they will probably also allow an opt out option for fans as well. So if you don't want to attend, you won't be placed in lotto pool.
Like me, I love going to games and having season tickets but because I have a health condition and are in that higher risk category, I'm fearful of attending games this year. I would opt out so someone else could attend.
I assume Champion Square and tailgating would also be affected. No way to control the mass of fans in that area.
Logistics nightmare.
I'm thinking it should be a Black and White solution. Either let all fans in to the game or no fans in to the game. Trying to regulate-segregate the entrance / restrooms / exit from the stadium would be beyond challenging, damn'd near impossible.
While I appreciate the effort to get fans the opportunity to see games live, I share the concerns many have raised.

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