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Sep 5, 2005
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Copenhagen, Denmark
We'll be in town for the redskins game and need some
weather information. Since we'll be heading for Florida after the game,we need to plan carefully for all kinds of weather so that we still have room in our suitcases for shopping :ezbill:

According to the weather channel the average temperatures for New Orleans in December is a high of 65 F and a low of 46 F

That is nice and warm compared to our weather but what would you pack ?

We will be bringing some winter clothes since we'll have a stopover in New York and will be watching the news for updated weather reports. But on an average can you get by with a light coat/sweater or would we need something heavier ? How cold/warm is it inside the Superdome ? We want to go out and listen to some music at night - what are the dress code like at the clubs ?

Thanks in advance for any information
Best advice is just watch the weather as that time gets closer. I can remember Christmas's wearing a heavy coat, and other's wearing shorts. But when it does get cold, it seems colder because of the humidity. You just never know.

The Dome is probably around a comfortable 72 degrees.

If you're going to Bourbon St to listen to music, then the dress code is whatever you're wearing.
For the Atlanta game in 2004, I barely got to the Dome through the ice storm.

Temps in N.O. in December can range from the 20s through the 60s. Be prepared for anything.
I think the Dome is kept at 68. I always found it comfortable, but my wife and my sister-in-law are always cold.

Weather in New Orleans in the winter is a matter of cold fronts. If you are here just after a front, it can be a bit cold, but it will gradually warm up over a few days until a new front comes through. Assuming you are now living where there is cold weather, you probably would only need a light jacket or a sweater. You could bring both to be safe.

Most music clubs in New Orleans have no dress code other than you have to wear a shirt. Tipitinas, House of Blues, Jimmys, etc. are all very casual. Some of the hotel clubs might have some code, but I'm not sure. The only place I've seen a dress code in New Orleans are the upscale strip clubs. But, even those only require a collared shirt and no jeans or shorts.

Edit: I just noticed you are from Denmark. You would probably laugh at what we call "winter." You could probably walk around in shorts and a short sleve shirt and be fine.
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Thank you everyone for your input, it really helps in the packing stage.

Edit: I just noticed you are from Denmark. You would probably laugh at what we call "winter." You could probably walk around in shorts and a short sleve shirt and be fine.

Well, we have had many July summer days with a high of 65F, so you might be right :ezbill:

We do hope to get some decent weather on this trip though, - two years ago we were in Florida for christmas and left the big overcoats in the car at the airport, and ran into a major blizzard when changing planes on Iceland. We were delayed for almost a day and had to go the airport hotel in our thin jackets. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - never again !

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