After having to listen to Rush Limbaugh today... (1 Viewer)

I am convinced he was a fat ugly kid who was never liked by anyone and now is hooked on pain pills today to deal with the pain. Then I found this which explains his nanny boo boo snickering juvenile behavior...

I have never heard this whole side before, and who knows if it's true or not, but this quote cracked me up...

"Here, in his "Jeff Christie" phase, Rush Limbaugh worked under an assumed identity, as do many self-loathing, closeted homosexuals."


I guess that means that our local traffic helicopter guy "Sky Daniels" is either gay or his mom was prophetic when he was born. :ezbill:
I have a hard time placing any creedance in a website that is so error-filled.

Maybe he's a closet NAMBLA member (ref. Viagra on a "boys trip" to the Dominican Republic), maybe not. I sure wouldn't lean on that website as a reputable information source though.
I had him on the radio earlier, as the local sports station was blathering on and on about Ohio st and the NBA, neither of which I care about. and I cant stand listening to that pseudo-fruitcake Al Franken. Dude was just ripping into Kerry hard. I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would wanna sit and listen to him do that stuff about people in the Dem party all day long when he isn't firmly attached to the Reps and Bush's backside via suction. Aside form that, I cant believe he can actually hear himself talk, because if he did, he might realize what a pompous arrogant hypocritical bucket of stupidity he really sounds like. Its so bad, it drowns out any good points he might have.
In effect, Limbaugh spent nearly a decade stoned off his
bleeding backside, and ultimately built up his tolerance to levels
requiring dozens of pills per day...

I had never heard of his butt cyst issue, either. Is that really a legitimate reason for not joining the military?

The man has such a bad karma - nasty persona. I could never understand why WWL radio kept him on after Katrina.
I don't know how much of that stuff is true, but I'd suspect not much if considering the source. "The rapid rise of Liberal radio"? Please. That was dead in the water. I saw Rush for free at UNO once and it was mildley entertaining (though the audience wasn't one I was familiar with from concert or comedy shows I'd been to prior). But that was the old days when he had just come to WWL. Before that, when he was just an obnoxious radio host on WSMB 1350, he was better. I still love caller abortions. I'll never forget when he brought them back in the early 90's for a couple of shows and ended up getting so many complaints, he stopped doing them.

I read the title of this post, and the first thing that came to ming, why would you do that to yourself?
The man has such a bad karma - nasty persona. I could never understand why WWL radio kept him on after Katrina.[/QUOTE]

Maybe it has something to do with the ratings he generates.

Like him or not, he pulls in listeners.

I bet you don't miss a minute of him.

nearly eight years Limbaugh abused Hydrocodone, a synthetic,
stronger version of heroin.

Holy cow! Apparently, I could toke a longtime smack addict into the ground, considering how much Hydrocodone I've taken over the years.

Stronger? Try pale, feeble imitation of the shadow of what heroin is actually like.
If it crushed up, it loses its time release affect and becomes remarkably similar to the white horse.

How many do you have to pulverize? Y' case the neuralgia flares up again. (Yeah, that's it!)

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