Al-Jazeera Launches Worldwide Channel, Chastizes UK Employees for "Drinking Binges" (1 Viewer)


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Jul 9, 2001
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Seems the saucy Brits were sent to "cultural awareness" classes afterward. Sir Robert Frost should know better. :)

"There are people who have come over to Doha to work for Al-Jazeera and they do not understand and respect the customs of living in a Muslim country.

While the launch was being delayed they would just spend their time getting drunk in the hotel bars. They were drinking too much and behaving inappropriately, so they were put on cultural awareness courses.

There were Islamic groups lecturing them on how to behave in a Muslim country - it was embarrassing for the whole network."

The channel's owner, the Emir of Qatar, is understood to have personally ordered the move.

Al Jazeera International Prepares Launch Blitz While Brits Booze
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When I was stationed in Dhahran, we'd just load up a bus and party over in Bahrain. Of course, the few Brits that I knew never bothered with that part - rumor has it they had a still in their hotel. Apparently Uncle Sam is more strict with its military personnel than King George.
IIRC, you could buy alcohol licenses from the British embassy in Qatar, that let you buy beer in stores and have parties and such. All the hotels served alcohol... good times.

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