All goals still attainable for the New Orleans Saints (1 Viewer)

The 6-game winning streak buys you a mulligan or two. All goals are still attainable.

By Doug Mouton / WWL-TV Sports Director

NEW ORLEANS — We're not going to harp on the negatives from Sunday's loss to the Falcons, but our four takeaways start with a few stats that tell the tale...

4. The battle in the trenches

This game was lost up front, in the trenches. The Falcons rushed for 91 more yards than the Saints. From peewee ball through the NFL, if you dominate that number, you usually win.

Sean Payton said afterwards that was a factor, but so was third down conversions. The Falcons hit on 40 percent of their conversion. The Saints were just 3-12, or 25 percent.

Last season, the Saints were fifth in the NFL at 47 percent. The number against the Falcons, though, would be the worst in the NFL right now.

Drew Brees also took a beating: Six sacks and 11 quarterback hits for the Falcons. On the Saints’ ends, those numbers were one and five on Matt Ryan.

Again, beaten up front. So the real question is: Was it a blip, or is there cause for concern. I think it’s some of each.

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