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Combine makes for good talk, but little intrigue

Peter King / Sports Illustrated

INDIANAPOLIS -- I actually saw the scouting combine Sunday afternoon for the first time in my life, and I came away thinking, "Is that all there is?"

A group of pool reporters, each assigned one player during the quarterback/wide receiver practice session, was allowed behind the iron curtain into a suite in the mezzanine of the RCA Dome, just above where the coaches and scouts and general managers sat. I volunteered to watch and make notes about quarterback Matt Ryan's workout. Tough duty.

After deciding he'd throw for teams in his comfy Boston College environment next month, Ryan only ran a 40-yard dash -- we were let in too late to see it -- then stood around and did a lot of chatting and a little bit of opposite-handed throwing to break up the monotony at one point. I'm not sure, but I thought I saw him make a Seinfeldian pick at one point. I could not confirm this, however. Full Story – SI

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