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Oct 28, 2006
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Lets say the saints make it to the superbowl but you had to work that sunday night..would you quit your job if you boss didnt let you off?

I WOULD:ezbill:
Of course. Jobs come and go... a Saints Superbowl is a once in a lifetime event.
I'm already considering putting in vacation to be exempt from being on call during the playoffs and SB.

Not making plans or anything, I just love the playoffs in general.

*cough* *cough*
I just started my career in Hotels, so no, I'm not going to quit.

However I am pretty sure if we made the playoffs they would let me off to see the game. Everybody in SC knows how huge of a Saints fan I am.
I just wouldn't show up. I'm sure they could figure out the rest.
If the entire state doesn't call for the day off I don't know what I would do. I would find some way to get off so that I could see the game, or at least it would be on at my desk.:D
I would. That would be a moment I've waited my whole life for., and jobs aren't hard to find now.
If the Saints goto the Superbowl, this city would shut down, it would be better than Mardi Gras, you would not have to worry about working that day.
If you think Benson was asking local business to allow workers off for the MNF was something. Well if they make the SB look for him to lobby the Governor for a mandatory work stoppage, and the newest Statwide Holiday all in 1
How much are superbowl tickets going to be?
500 if you win the season ticket holder lottery?

How much are playoff tix gonna be in the dome?
Our seats now are $60/game it would maybe go up to $100?

Just trying to get an idea how much I need to sock away in a secret savings account, without my wife noticing =P

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