An Interesting Counter-Argument to the Winston "Hate" (1 Viewer)

Nice article but the context with him is everything. I'm not sure how his off the field behavior was in Tampa but it seems like allegations from his time at Florida State continue to haunt him.
On paper, he is a blue chip prospect but whether its the college stuff or INTs he's been negatively labeled (this is a sensitive topic but I don't think he was convicted). If someone could coach him up, his potential is higher than anyone who signed in the offseason.
I would love it if he was our backup QB leaving Taysom in the number three role. But it sounds like Taysom will be the number two and it’s possible that Winston waits it out.
I actually made that comparison on another thread. Outside of the antics he could be amazing with the right coach.

I agree. Elias(sp?) brought it up on WDC, but Winston working with an aggressive vertical system and him being open to taking aggressive risks in that aggressive system worked against him with more than a few interceptions. But put him in a system that somewhat limits his choices like Payton or BB and I could see him really succeeding.
If we could sign him for like a 1-2 year $8-16 million dollar deal I would be all for Jameis signing with us. The longer he’s out there, you never know. We kept Teddy last year when I didn’t think we would and we sure as hell needed him. With the roster we have & Drew being over 40, I would love to have a backup we know can compete in this league. I don’t know if we have the room to sign him & Taysom though??
If he’s cheap enough I’d be all for taking the chance on Payton being able to enhance his skill set.

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