An ode to the screen pass, the secret weapon of the NFL’s best offenses (1 Viewer)

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From the most basic version to the graduate level class, retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz walks us through one of the most beautiful plays in the game.

By Geoff Schwartz - SB Nation

“It’s the same ******* play!”

That’s what an exasperated Raiders defensive tackle screamed after Jamaal Charles scored on his third screen pass of the game early in the second quarter of a 2013 beatdown by the Chiefs. This defensive tackle wasn’t screaming at anyone in particular, but Jeff Allen and I took the opportunity to mock him anyway. We, well let’s be honest, it was more Jeff Allen, hit the Raiders defensive tackle with an “ooohh, kill em” dance, and we laughed our way back to the point after kick.

I’ve always enjoyed a good screen pass, but I really fell in love with them when I came to Kansas City. There’s an art to running successful screen passes, and it has to be taught with extreme detail. The running back must be exactly where he’s supposed to be when the ball is caught. Here’s the lane for the screen, and the linemen must hit their aiming points on the defenders to make it happen. The quarterback has to throw the ball to the right shoulder of the back so he can turn and run as quick as he can. So many small details.

The best offensive minds in the game teach it that way. It’s no surprise the best screen teams in the NFL have outstanding coaches. ...

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Andrus Whitewing

Andrus Whitewing


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